How To Get Free Fortnite v Bucks

How To Get Free Fortnite v Bucks

Fortnite is referring to a Battle Royale game with up to 100 players. And you can get plenty of v bucks by playing this player-to-player game for free.

So, do you want to know the ways how to get free fortnite v bucks in this game? If so, you are welcome back to Fortnite’s battle royale game.

Don’t worry, here in this article we will try to reveal some ways how you can easily get free V bucks. So, getting free bucks isn’t illegal, and you can get it from many different ways for free.  

In addition , earning free v-bucks from Fortnite doesn’t mean that you will get millions of v bucks that can make you rich overnight. However, these can help you to purchase some stuff or obtain permission for the next season battle pass. 

So, you the guys, ensure that you will stay tuned to the very end if you don’t want to miss this one before diving into the details. Continue to read “how to get free fortnite v bucks”. 

How to get free fortnite v bucks:  Top 3 ways

free fortnite v bucks

Let’s take a look at the top 3 ways on how to get free v bucks in the Fortnite battle royale game. 

3 ways to get free v bucks

1. Battle pass HQ menu:

When it comes to getting v bucks for free, it seems to be the most legitimate way. However, you might not become rich enough, but you can buy the battle pass season or find a few popular skins by earning these free bucks. 

Firstly, there is a chance to get 300 bucks for every single player in this game. But, you don’t need to wait for a battle pass; rather, you can go through a battle pass hq menu.

Meanwhile, in this menu, you can find an option “battle pass now” that most of the users ignored and don’t know how to use it. 

That is to say, out of 100 tiers, you will get 21 in the battle pass season 3 that allows you earn different types of bucks or rewards for free without having a battle pass.  

2. Participating in community events:

There you have the second way on how to get free fortnite v bucks. It allows you to get free v bucks. Most  importantly, by participating in community events, both the player and their team members can earn points as a reward. 

Certainly, there is a chance for every participating player to earn a few bucks if they get enough points and manages to bring one of the top 3 marks in the game. 

The team that ends in the 1st position will get 500 Fortnite free v bucks. after that, the 2nd and 3rd place team will win 400 and 300 bucks respectively. In short, in the Fortnite accounts, you will find your credited V-bucks. 

3. Fortnite save the world:

To clarify , this is the final way on how to get free fortnite v bucks. Perhaps, it could be the most efficient and effective way to win them.

But, you will find two unique ways that this method is allowing you to earn V bucks over time and of course, that is in Fortnite save the world. 

To begin with, you need to pay money to buy “save the world”. Yes, it’s a paid method to earn V bucks, and it might not be the favorite option for younger who don’t have enough money to buy it. 

But to be the truth, though it’s a paid method still this is an excellent way to get free V bucks. Most importantly , you can earn V bucks in Fortnite save the world by entering in every single day and taking your everyday log-in rewards. 

FAQ: how to get free fortnite v bucks

1. How do I get more V-Bucks?

You can get more V-Bucks in battle royal by the following two ways, including battle pass and free pass. So, let’s see how you can buy V-bucks in-game:

  • Visit the STORE tab and
  • Select the total of V-bucks you need to buy.
  • To visit the check-out option, click the “Purchase”.
  • Now confirm your order to get more bucks.

2. Is Fortnite v Bucks generator safe?

The online Fortnite v bucks generator is 100% safe and legitimate to use. You can start to earn free v bucks instantly. However, you don’t need to provide too much information except the username and password number. 

3. Does Fortnite give you free V bucks?

Players will get access to the free pass and the chance to buy the battle pass in every Fortnite season. Therefore, throughout these passes, you are allowed to win V-Bucks because you progress by the levels of the battle pass.

4. What is the quickest way to get V bucks?

So, the fastest even easiest way to get free V-bucks is by everyday logins. In addition, every day, you can win a few in-game rewards that you sign-in to Fortnite –with the opposite resetting daily.

5. Are v bucks worth it?

According to users’ opinion, earning V-bucks will well worth your money. Firstly, you need to know that the entire product you can purchase with V-bucks doesn’t improve your benefit in-game.

V-bucks are for buying products, for example, backpacks, emotes, gliders, harvesting devices and outfits such as skins.

6. How many V bucks does the battle pass give you for free?

You can earn 300 V-Bucks in the Battle Pass season for free. Moreover , you can get a chance to win 1500 V-buck if you buy the battle pass. In addition, you will get numerous skins along unlimited V-bucks to buy new battle pass.

7. Do v Bucks expire?

Yes, the V-bucks in Fortnite expire. Indeed, with the seasons of Fortnite, V-Bucks come with without any correlation.

But the link they offer is that you can achieve up to 1500 bucks in every season. On the other hand , even the ones you can win with season appointed battle pass are changeable between seasons.


We come to the end of this guide “how to get free v bucks”. Consequently, getting V bucks free isn’t an easy job. You’ve to play for plenty of hours before you can buy a 1500 V buck product. However, everyone wants to get free v bucks in Fortnite game

Therefore, in Fortnite, earning V-Bucks for free is perhaps an enticement due to all the emotes, skins, and more you can win with them. 

Above all, if you still struggling to get free bucks in the game, we hope this article will help you to find the ways on how to get free Fortnite v bucks.

In conclusion, if you guys know any other tricks that I didn’t mention here, please don’t forget to let us know. In addition, if you have any questions, leave us a comment below.  

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